We Treat Genital Warts

Due to the prevalence of HPV and the need for genital wart treatment, our Genital Warts Centers have expanded to include locations listed here:

Most patients can be treated in the office quickly with minimal discomfort. Commonly used techniques for treating genital warts are removal of the warts through chemical treatments, laser, surgery, and FDA approved interferon therapy. We make every effort to see urgent cases immediately, or within 24 hours. People can’t afford to take time from work and that is why the majority of procedures are done in the office in only 1 session and on the same day. Also, with escalating health care costs and high deductibles, we are able to give patients safe and high quality medical care without the high fees associated with a hospital setting. Contact us.

Warning against Non-FDA Genital Wart Remedies


HPV is responsible not only for genital, anal and vaginal warts, but also for common warts or plantar warts found on the face, hand or feet. There are over the counter remedies for common warts, but not genital warts. DO NOT use over the counter medicines on your genital area. These may damage the sensitive anal or genital skin and could worsen your condition.That also goes for using an over-the-counter genital warts remedy or medication, Internet remedies, oils, creams, and non-FDA (Food Drug Administration) approved prescriptions for the treatment of genital warts. There are no products available without a doctor’s prescription for the treatment of genital warts. Chemical irritants and freezing products are only FDA-approved for common-warts, and are absolutely not approved for genital warts. Non-FDA approved products may damage the anogenital skin and worsen the warts and cause an increase in HPV transmission. They can increase and worsen a patient’s condition by irritation and viral shedding. Do not purchase or apply non-FDA approved remedies. Find out about our HPV treatments and our specialized, compassionate care.