How to Help Live to be Wart Free


  • While you are being treated, keep your appointments and receive all of the prescription medication that you need to treat your genital warts infection.
  •      Either abstain from sex (recommended) or use a condom properly to prevent not only genital warts but other sexually transmitted diseases.
  •      We encourage that your partner be examined for genital warts.
  •      Always use fresh towels. Avoid towel sharing, and dry the infected areas last.
  •      It is believed that you should consider yourself to be contagious for 4-6 months following the removal or treatment of the last lesion.
  •      It may be possible that you are over this infection if no other warts appear in the 4-6 months period as well.
  •      Limit your sexual partners. Choose a relationship in which you and your partners restrict your sexual contact with each other.
  •      Inspect your external genitals, anus and perineum (the area between and around your genitals and anus) regularly. You may need to use a light and a mirror to really see. Lay a small mirror on the ground, and crouch over it to look for warts, blisters, moles, bumps, and ulcers. Also look for changes in skin color, such as pink, red or white patches. Call your doctor if you notice any of these signs.
  •  Get plenty of rest and eat nutritious food to keep your immune system strong to fight off future infections.