What to Tell a Partner

It’s important that you talk openly with your partner if you have been diagnosed with genital warts. Your sexual partner should be examined and treated.

There is no sure way to know when you contracted HPV or who gave it to you. Genital warts can be transmitted by a person without any visible signs or symptoms. The virus may lay dormant for weeks, months or years. It’s not known why some people develop genital warts and some do not.

While you are being treated, abstain from sex or use a condom. Be advised that a condom will not protect you entirely because areas can still be exposed where the virus can be such as inner thighs and the scrotum. Condoms won’t cover all of these areas.

You should consider yourself still contagious for 4-6 months following the removal or treatment of the last lesion.

It may be possible that you are over the infection if no other warts appear in the 4-6 month period as well.