Genital Warts Gallery


WARNING – Some images you are about to view may be considered disturbing. These images are not appropriate for children. 


Penile, scrotal, groin, vaginal, perineum, anal, and anorectal warts are pictured below. They often appear to grow in small cauliflower like clusters or stalks. They often (but not always) appear somewhat pinker or whiter in color than the surrounding skin. They can be raised or flat, with a textured or rough surface. Keratinous squamous epithelium is what gives warts their sandpaper appearance or texture.



Intrameatal Wart Picture  

Intrameatal Wart – Located on the Penis and Urethra

Penile Warts Picture  

Penile Warts – Genital Warts on the Penis

More Pictures of Penile Warts 

Penile Warts – Warts Located on the Penis

Vulvar Warts Picture  

Vulvar Warts – Located on the Vulvar

Picture of Anal Warts in Perineum





Picture of Anal Warts in Perineum – Between the Buttocks

Picture of Genital Warts on Penis  

Picture of Genital Warts on Penis

Picture of Anal Warts  

Perianal Warts – Picture of Anal Warts





Picture references:  CDC STD Prevention – Perianal warts: Source: Seattle STD/HIV Prevention Training Center at the University of Washington/ UW HSCER Slide Bank  –  CDC STD Prevention – Gordon D. Davis, MD, Cincinnati STD/HIV Prevention Training Center, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Public Health Image Library